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Friday, April 5, 2013

Release Next Week

Well the announcement showed us that Facebook is coming out with a new Home screen for existing android phones.  Utilizing the fact that Google has left it as an open source.  It looks very user friendly and something that might catch on pretty quick.  Let's see if Google and Apple come out with something new to combat the new competition.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Rumors And More Rumors

The anticipation is building,  and of course the negative rumors begin to fly the day after the announcement is released.   

However I think all of these negative people need to remember how long rumors of these phone have been going around.  A lot has gone into the development of this phone.  I wouldn't be surprised if we see something absolutely revolutionary coming from Facebook.  
A big company like that isn't just going to come out with a mediocre product and try to market it.  They know they have an advantage and already have plenty of loyal customers using smartphones.  

Monday, April 1, 2013

Facebook Smartphone Preview


Mark Zuckerberg
This new smartphone by Facebook runs on a customized version of the Google Android 4.2 Operating System.  
This new phone will be great for the millions of mobile users whose primary purpose of cell usage is Social Networking.  These phones will encourage less usage of texting and calling and more chat and facetime.  this will put a heavy emphasis on data usage rather than minutes and texts.  
Most companies selling contracts are ahead on this trend offering less unlimited plans and more pay per GB    

Facebook Phone

4.3-inch screen, 
5 MP rear camera
1.6 MP front camera for video calls
16 GB of storage.

Facebook Phone

This phone has been designed to allow users ease in using facebook with their phone and puts a heavy influence on facetime.  This Facebook smartphone will allow users to make full use of their facebook.  This is the perfect phone for the millions of people whose main or primary use of the internet or phone is through Facebook.  

The First Facebook phone  CHECK IT OUT!

When the new Facebook Phone is released we will be offering you the first look at the product.  We will post a review right here.  Please feel free to leave comments and ask any questions you have about the new device.  

Stay tuned for the first honest review.  

This phone will compete with the latest Androids and IPhone 5.  Will it stand up to the competition?